The Coronation of Austria, Part 9: Postal Votes, Polarisation, and Protecting Others

By Barbara Prainsack, Bernhard Kittel, Sylvia Kritzinger, and Hajo Boomgaarden, on behalf of the Austrian Corona Panel Project, University of Vienna, Austria [contact:]

What new things have we learned from our representative panel survey, the Austrian Corona Panel project, since our last update?

First up, let us stick with the topic of face masks. Around the world, the mandatory covering of the nose and mouth has faced so much resistance that its opponents even got their own name: Anti-maskers. In Austria, they seem to be a loud, but small minority: Our data show that four in five (81%) Austrians support the compulsory use of masks in shops and public transportation. Only one in ten strongly oppose this rule. Moreover, support for mandatory face mask use has increased since June, when less than half of our respondents (44%) were in favour. This means that support for this measure fluctuates alongside infection numbers — suggesting that most Austrians do believe in the effectiveness of face masks to lower infection risk.

[Analysis and image by Sylvia Kritzinger und Fabian Kalleitner]

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